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Hey everyone, I'm gonna be trying something different for this. Unlike Chaos, I want to have a lot of transparency and community interaction. I'm going to be showing you guys some of my planning for the revamp. Now, none of it has been done/tested/finished yet so these changes are in no way final. This is just the planning stage. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's just jump into it.


For this post, we're going to be focusing on the actual kits and abilities.

There will be 4 tiers of kits, each costing more than the last. Tier 1 is free (4 kits), tier 2 costs 10 crystals per kit (6 kits), tier 3 costs 25 crystals per kit (4 kits), and tier 4 costs 50 crystals per kit (6 kits). Crystals are gained by getting kills, 10 kills = 1 crystal. There will also be a questline, if you complete it you may access the Riddler kit. The Riddler kit will have an ability to stun a player, dealing damage over time until they answer a riddle. A wrong answer increases the damage output by 20%.

There will also be a limited amount of donor kits. If you buy this, you may sit down and create a kit with me (also probably hims). Everyone will be able to access this kit for 15 crystals, and it doesn't need to be superhero themed. If it's an extremely popular thing, we may increase the amount of kits, but for the time being, there'll be about 10-15. The cost will probably be around $30 per player-made kit.


Onto the spoilers now. All of the kits I'm showing you are tier one.


That's it for today, thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions at all, feel free to tell me. :)


20 Sep 2016, 16:40 10 | 2

Hey everyone, it's gopher here for an update. THE ALPHA SERVER IS OPEN! Now, I can't stress this enough. This server will be ENTIRELY revamped for full release, but this is just a fun little thing to pass the time. I will be fixing any game breaking bugs, so please report them. Ranks are not added on this server, but they will be around for the full release. Don't worry about losing your rank, I will get that all taken care of. Also, after I get this server all smooth, I'll be opening staff applications for you all to apply to help out.


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18 Sep 2016, 20:19 4 | 1

Well, this is it. New forums. Lemme know if there's any issues.

12 Sep 2016, 18:19 13 | 2